My Account

The My Account page is the most important resource library available to you, the customer. On this page you can do everything from invoice lookup and order history to personalizing the look and feel of the website to best suit your needs. The more you familiarize yourself with the My Account page and it's resources, the more of an asset this website will become.

Invoices & Shipments

Located on the My Account page, this feature is under the Account Tools header. Clicking on Invoices & Shipments will take you to a search engine page. From here you can search for past invoices. Selecting an invoice gives you some additional features for ordering. You can reorder all the items off an invoice, and add them to your current cart or create a new cart. Note that items without pricing cannot be added to the cart and will need to be quoted. 

View Quotes

The View Quotes page allows you to pull up open quotes. This is located under the Account Tools header on the My Account page. Once on the Quote List page you can search for quotes by month using the drop down menu. Selecting an individual quote gives you the ability to purchase items from that quote regardless of whether or not they are found elsewhere on the website. If you are looking to order special items or items that do not appear on the website, ordering from a quote will give you that ability.  

Purchase History

Located under Account Tools on the My Account page, Purchase History is helpful when you are trying to lookup some information on an item but can't quite remember all the details of your purchase. You can look for items purchased based on quantity, date, or part #. Clicking on a standard item will take you to it's informational page where available. If the information for that item is not available or it is a special, you will be rerouted to an item not found page. If you believe you have reached this form in error, please fill out and submit the form and we will process your request. If the item is an available standard we will add the necessary information. If the item is a special we will notify you to see if we can help you find an alternate item or if you would like a quote for the special. 

Favorites List

The Favorites List will make finding and purchasing items you frequently need much easier. While looking through items you will see the "Add to Favorites" button underneath the "Add to Cart" button. By clicking the "Add to Favorites" button, you will open a window where you can assign the item to an existing category or create a new category. Once an item is assigned to a favorites category you can view it by going to "My Account" and selecting "Favorites List" under the "Shopping Tools header. You now no longer need to search for these items and can instead pull them up in your favorites list and reorder them from there.

Wish Lists

Wish Lists are under the same header as Favorites Lists and are similar but better suited to groups of items purchased together rather than as single items. If you know that a certain job requires specific tooling, you can create a wish list for that job and then populate that wish list with the items needed. You can also add non-stock/non-standard items to the wish list. This way if you are quoting a job, you can compile your list of needed tooling in full. When you're ready you can submit the list to be quoted, or if all the items are standards you can put the entire list directly into your cart.