Our Approach

In today's demanding manufacturing environment, efficiency is paramount. The common factors that lead to inefficiency in tool management are: unnecessary shipping costs, machine down time due to tool stock out, and an excess of tool inventory. Our vending customers enjoy the benefit of not paying freight on vending items, while simultaneously cutting down on excess stock. Machines see less down time as well, thanks to the data-driven ordering software used in our vending machines. Contact us today to see if a Hi-Tech Vending Solution is right for you.

Most Popular

ToolBox Machine-Fits the 80/20 rule. If 20% of the tooling you use does 80% of your machining, then this is the vending machine for you.

AccuDrawer-This machine is for items that you don't need everyday, but could need at a moments notice.

ProStock- This machine is geared more towards the other portion of the 80/20 rule: the 80% of your items that get used 20% of the time go here.